Life Notes: November 13, 2016_”The Greatest Wireless Connection”

The World’s Greatest Wireless Connection.
Life Notes – November 13, 2016

Ice Breaker: Whose prayers have had the greatest impact on your life?

Read Philippians 4:6

1. Fuss about Nothing; Talk about Everything. What is the difference between praying and talking?

2. Discuss the sentence, “Worry is our early warning system about an incoming cyber attack on our thoughts.”

3.Share a new thought on prayer that the Lord opened to you while listening to Sunday’s message.

Read John 16:24

4. Talk about an answer to prayer that brought you great joy.

Read Matthew 6:10

5. What is the difference between praying Kingdom Prayers and Personal Prayers?

Spend some time praying Kingdom Prayers for Ingleside, Norfolk, Virginia, our country and at least one other country around the world.


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