Life Notes: April 15, 2018_”A Paralyzed Man Walks”

A Paralyzed Man Walks
Luke 5:17-26
April 15, 2018

Ice Breaker: Share about someone you know who is paralyzed

Read Luke 5:17

1. Share about a time when you felt the presence of Lord more powerfully than usual.

Read Luke 5:18

2. Talk about a time when you were part of a group that helped someone receive a healing from Jesus.

Read Luke 5:19

3. Share about a time when you had to do something unusual to get to Jesus.

Read Luke 5:20

4. Why do you think Jesus’ first words to the paralyzed man were, “Your sins are forgiven?”

Read Psalm 103:2-3

5. What does this Psalm mean to you?

6. Tell about a time when you prayed for someone who is paralyzed? How did that feel?


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