Life Notes: April 17, 2016_”Our View from the Road”

Icebreaker: What do you think is the worse movie ending ever?

Read: Luke 24:13-27

What were the disciples expectations going into Jerusalem? How do you think that would have impacted the two disciples leaving Jerusalem to Emmaus?

What kept the disciples from seeing Jesus?

What kept them from believing the story of the women?

What kept them from understanding suffering as part of God’s plan?

Why do you think Jesus prolonged their confusion by not revealing himself immediately? What does this tell us about the way God builds relationship with us?

Read: Luke 24:28-31

Why do you think Jesus doesn’t immediately accept their invitation to join them?

How does showing hospitality help us recognize Jesus?

Read: Luke 24:32-35

How does not having all the answers up front to our five senses help us develop a spiritual sense?


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