Life Notes: April 2, 2017_”The Golden Attitude”

The Golden Attitude
Matthew 7:1-12
Life Notes

Icebreaker: Share your favorite Golden Rule story.

1. What do you think of Pastor Peter’s suggestion that we change the name of the Golden Rule to the Golden Attitude?

The Golden Attitude about Judging

Read Matthew 7:1-2

2. Share about a time when you judged someone and afterward regretted it.

Read 1 Corinthians 4:5

3. Why are we invited not to judge others?

The Golden Attitude about minor details

Read Matthew 7:3-5

4. Discuss the sentence, “People already know their weakness; they need help discovering their strengths.”

The Golden Attitude about sharing your heart

Read Matthew 7:6

5. What do you think this verse means?

Read Isaiah 42:3

6. What new light did Pastor Peter’s comment and the verse from Isaiah add to your understanding of “casting pearls before pigs?”

The Golden Attitude toward the Holy Spirit

Read Matthew 7:9-11

7. More than anything else, Father wants you to experience the power and presence of Holy Spirit in your life. What steps are you taking to experience more Holy Spirit in your life?


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