Life Notes: April 22, 2018_”What Did Jesus See In Levi?”

What did Jesus see in Levi?
Luke 5:27-32
April 22, 2918

Ice Breaker: Talk about a surprising turn around you have seen in someone you know

Read Luke 5:27

1. What surprising discovery did you make about tax collectors in the time of Jesus

2. Share about the most recent person “you saw” in a special way like Jesus saw Levi?

3. How did Jesus ask you to “Follow Him?”

Read Luke 5:28

4. What did you leave behind to follow Jesus?

5. What did Holy Spirit show you on Sunday that you are still holding on to that is keep you from getting as close to Jesus as He wants you to be.

What did Jesus see in Levi?

1. A risk taker
2. A sacrificial follower
3. A credible witness
4. A best selling author
5. A bridge builder

6. Which of these resonated the most with you?

7. What do you think Levi’s name change to Matthew (Gift of God) meant to him?


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