Life Notes: April 24, 2016_”The Disciples & The Body

The Disciples and the Body

Icebreaker: What’s your idea of a perfect supper?

Read John 20:19 & Luke 24:33-35

What do you think it was like in the upper room just before Jesus showed up?

Read Luke 24:36

Where did Jesus show up in the upper room? What do you think this signified?

What kind of greeting did he give them?

Read Luke 24:39-49

Why was it signifigant that Jesus make it clear that he wasn’t a ghost…that he was touchable/ physical? Why does he still have his wounds?

Why does Jesus ask for food? What does it prove? How does this ressurrection mimic his ministry? How does it teach us how to live after we are saved?

How does Jesus show us that the physical is good? How does he show us how to use the physical to bring the kingdom to earth?

In what ways can we do everyday physical things to display the kingdom on earth?

Read Luke 17:20-21

Where is the kingdom of God?


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