Life Notes: August 13, 2017_”Restoration”

John 21:15-23
August 13, 2017

Ice Breaker: Do you prefer to eat brown eggs or white eggs?

Read Luke 22:31 (Message or NIV translations)

1. How might you have found yourself in this story for the first time?

Read Luke 22:32 (Message)

2. What do you like about this verse?

3. Discuss the sentence.”You can have a fresh start without going anywhere by having a fresh encounter with our loving Savior.”

Read Luke 22:61-62

4. Discuss the sentence,”Peter’s healing began with the look in Jesus’ eyes rather than hash words.”

5. What new insights did you gain from how Jesus restored Peter in Galilee?

6. What do you think your life would be like if you felt completely restored from your worst failure? (Not all will feel safe enough to answer this question)

Read I Peter 3:15

7. What connection did you make between Peter’s denial of Jesus and what he wrote in this verse?


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