Life Notes: August 14, 2016_”Its Elementary…”

Life Notes
Elementary my Dear Christian

Icebreaker: What is your favorite thing to do in the summertime? Why?
1. Do you feel there are things in your life that you have accepted as normal from your culture that have nothing to do with following Christ? What are some of those things?

2. A “red herring” is a thing that distracts your attention from something important. In what ways do you feel you have allowed a distraction to detract you from acting/responding like Christ to people/situations?

3. Can you think of some ways that you have allowed your cultural ideas/philosophy to influence your own life and what you value? How do those values look when you compare them to Christ’s? Are they in step with His life/mission/actions?

4. Think of a time when you moved in a counter cultural way based on your relationship with Christ. How did it feel? What happened? What were the consequences/benefits?

5. How would your “me” time look or feel if you invited Christ to be part of it? How would it change what you do? How would it change your relationship with Him?


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