Life Notes: August 28, 2016_”God Does Not Equal Satan”

God does not equal Satan
Life Notes
Icebreaker: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

How do you feel Jesus thinks about your sins? How do you feel God thinks about them?

How does it feel to know that it is not God that holds a debt against us? How do you live differently when you know that God does not hold anything against you? How does it make you treat others?

Read John 8:1-11 and Luke 19:1-10. How do you feel when you see how Jesus confronts “sinners” throughout his life? Do you feel he treats people differently than you would? If you didn’t know Christ how do you think your reactions to people and their sins would look?

Do you ever feel accused? Do you think Satan has ever made you believe it was God accusing you? What was your reaction to thinking God was accusing you? Is there anything you feel Satan is accusing you of now? What do you think God says about it?

How does it feel to know the difference between good and evil? How do you think you would view others differently if you didn’t know good from bad? How do you feel Satan has used your knowledge of good and evil to wound yourself and others?

How does it make you feel to be hugged by someone when you are really dirty? How does it make you feel when someone loves and embraces you even when you’ve done things wrong? How does it change how you feel about yourself? How does it change how you feel/think about the person embracing you?


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