Life Notes: August 6, 2017_”Robes, Rings & Sandals”

Robes, Rings & Sandals
Luke 15:1-32
August 6, 2017


1. Discus the word prodigal in the light of Sunday’s Message?

2. What was your reaction to identifying God as prodigal?

3. One son was lost through rebellion and the other through religion. With which son do you currently identify more closely with?

4. Discus the significance of the father giving a robe, a ring and sandals.

5. Describe a hug or kiss from a spiritual mentor that was a game changer for you.

Read Luke 15:28

6. Share about a time that you might have been angry with God because He blessed someone who in your mind is less deserving than you.

Read Luke 15:31

7. What would you like God to give you to?


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