Life Notes: August 7, 2016_”Conspiracy, Conspiracy!”

Conspiracy Conspiracy
August 7, 2016
Speaker: Chad McLewin
Life Notes

Icebreaker: What are three words you would use to describe yourself? Why?
1.How does it feel when you read the Bible?
2.Why do you think that the Holy Spirit had four different people (Matthew Mark Luke John) write about Jesus’s story? Why do think the Holy Spirit chose to do it this way?
3. How does the Bible feel like it is God’s word? What makes it feel so authoritative/ personal/ alive? Share a personal story of a time when the Bible came alive to you.
4. Why do you think the Gnostic gospels were not added into the cannon of the Bible that we have now? How do you feel the spirit of the pieces Chad read from the Gnostic gospels differ with the spirit of Bible that we have?

5.How do you feel Jesus differs from our Bible to the Gnostic gospels?


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