Life Notes: December 10, 2017_”Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”

Luke 1:5-25
December 10, 2017
Life Notes

Ice Breaker: What is one your once-in-a-lifetime spiritual experience opportunity wish?

1. Discusses the sentence, “Before God moves He raises up papas and mamas to nurture what He is about to birth.”

Read Malachi 4:6

2. Discuss the sentence, “What we don’t learn through honor we will learn through pain.”

Elizabeth and Zechariah protected Mary by believing her story and recognizing that God was about to do a new thing.

3. Who do you think of as your spiritual mom or dad? (Describe how they helped you.)

4. What steps could you take to increase your influence as a spiritual mom or dad?

Read Luke 1:12

5. Discuss the sentence, “You can’t pray and nothing happen.”

Read Luke 1:18

6. Discuss the sentence,. “You’re never too old to receive a promise from the Lord.”

7. How did Sunday’s message encourage you?

Bonus question

8. What did you learn about how the temple worship functioned that interested you the most?


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