Life Notes: December 17, 2017_”Once in a Lifetime Opportunity (Part 2)”

Once-in-a-lifetime-Opportunity (Part 2)
Luke 1:26-80
Life Notes
December 17, 2017

Ice Breaker What is your second “Once-in-a-lifetime-Opportunity” wish?

Read Luke 1:36

1. Have you ever felt like you are the last one to know what is going on? What did Pastor Peter suggest about why God tells others what He is doing before He lets us know?

2. How do you think the announcement that Elizabeth was six months pregnant helped Mary believe that she would conceive a child by an act of the Holy Spirit?

Read Luke 1:37

3. What did you learn about the word “nothing” on Sunday? What impossible things are you trusting God to do for you?

Read Luke 1:38

4. What did you learn from Mary about saying “Yes” to the Lord?

Read Luke 1:39

5. What area of your spiritual life are you in a “hurry” to experience more of?

Read Luke 1:60-16

6. Discuss the sentence, “There are times when it is necessary to break with some traditions to connect with the next move of God.”

Read Luke 1:67

7. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is mentioned four times in the first chapter of Luke. Share about your most powerful encounter with Holy Spirit.


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