Life Notes: December 18, 2016_”A Heavenly Partnership”

Life Notes
Heavenly Partnership
December 18l 2018

Ice Breaker: Ladies what part of Adam might you have preferred to be made from other than his rib?

Read Revelation 21:6 (Psalm 42:2, Isa 55:1, John 7:37)

1. What do you do to fill your thirst when you feel spiritually dry?

Read Genesis 2:18

2. Outside of your spouse, share about a person who has been an invaluable partner to you?

Read Genesis 2:21

3. What impact did it have on you to see how many people are listed in the Bible as been put to sleep by God or falling on their faces in the presence of the Lord?

Read Ezekiel 37:2-3

4. Discuss the questions, “Can you Eve?”

Read Ecclesiastes 11:5

5. What ideas does this verse add to the pro-life vs pro-choice debate?

Read Luke 1:34

6. What is the spiritual value of turning why questions into how questions.

7. What did you think of Pastor Peter’s suggestion that “The church” is the second Eve?


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