Life Notes: December 27, 2015_”Christ the Judge”

Life Notes
Christ the Judge
December 27, 2015

Icebreaker: Share your favorite unicorn story.

Read: 1 Thessalonians 1:6-10

1. How do these verses make you feel?

Read: Job 39:9-10

2. Comment on the following sentence, “You can’t keep a wild ox (Taurus) in a stable and you can’t keep baby Jesus in a manger.”

Read: Job 38:31 & Amos 5:8

3. How does knowing the names of the stars in Orion change your appreciation for this constellation?

Read: Daniel 7:9-10

4. Many of us enjoyed the movie, “Heaven Is for Real.” Comment on the thought that “Hell Is for Real.”

5. How does the image of the river of fire flowing out of the feet of Jesus change your understanding of Him?

Read Isaiah 40:10-11

6. What connection do you see between the constellation Auriga and these verses?

7. What is your favorite shepherd and sheep verse in the Bible?



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