Life Notes: December 4, 2016

Ice Breaker: What is the difference between a thermometer and thermostat?
1. What new understanding did you take away from Sunday’s message on the importance of being a thermostat?

Read Acts 10:38

2. What are the important words in this verse; what do they mean to you?

3. How did your understanding about disease change after discovering that Jesus only did good things?

Discuss what you took away from the speaker’s comment, “Jesus wants us to have (receive) everything He paid for.”

4. What did the illustration of paying for 5 bags of groceries but only being allowed to take two or three home, mean to you?

Read Matthew 10:9

5. What does it mean to bring the Kingdom of God near to people?

Discuss the idea that new believers have an equal opportunity to pray for sick people as disciples who have been follow Jesus for many years.

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