Life Notes: Feb. 12, 2017_”Follow Me”

Life Notes for Follow Me
Matthew 4:18-25
February 12, 2017

Icebreaker: What is the longest passage of literature you were required to memorize?

1. What was your reaction to hearing about how Jewish boys were educated?

2. What is your reaction to learning that the people Jesus chose had most likely been rejected by other rabbis?

3. Share about a rejection you suffered that resulted in God opening a door you did not see coming.

Read Matthew 4:22-23

4. Comment on the connection between 22 & 23. One day they were fishing; the next they witnessed the most miraculous healings ever seen in the world.

Read John 10:37, John 8:12, Mark 10:21, Luke 9:23,

5. What are some of the blessings of following Jesus?

Read John 13:38, John 21:17-22

6. Share about a time when you lost your way following Jesus and how He found you and restored you.


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