Life Notes: Feb. 21, 2016_”He Holds It All”

Icebreaker: Is there a common expression that strikes you as odd/strange (ie “Just saying”,”raining cats & dogs”)? Why?

Read: Colossians 1:15-20

How does it make you feel to know you were handmade by God? How does this change the way your feel about yourself if you weren’t?

What does it mean to be created through God’s love, as opposed to his need or some other motivation ?

How does it feel to know everything is made for him? How is that a challenging thought?

How can we stay present in the reality that God is lavishly in us and around us? How did Jesus do it in the mundane, normal moments of his life?

How does doing small things glorify God more than big things? How does doing big things make us feel about ourselves? What about small things?

How does staying awake to God’s love help empowers to do “the small things with great love”?

Talk about what change you could make in your daily routine (like we talked about on Sunday) that would help you stay more awake to God’s love. How’s that going? How can connecting with another brother or sister in Christ help you to live this out?


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