Life Notes: February 18, 2018_”Authority and Power”

Ministering in Power & Authority
Luke 4:30-37
February 18, 2018
Life Notes

Much of this weeks message did not come directly from references. It might be necessary to listen the message again on FB or our website to use this week’s life notes.

Ice Breaker: Who do you highly respect for the spiritual authority and power they carry?

Read Luke 4:32; 36

1. Describe the last time you were astonished by authority.

2. What do you see as the difference between authority and power?

Discuss the following sentences

4. When Jesus heal or delivered someone, he did it with authority.

5. When Jesus performed a miracle, he did it with Power.

Discuss the following sentences

Read Matthew 28:18

6. Authority is proximate based. the closer we are to Jesus the more authority we carry

Read Acts 1:8

7. Power is gift based; the more yielded we are to the Holy Spirit the more power we carry.

8. When would you need to minister with Authority and when would you need to minister with Power?


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