Life Notes: February 25, 2018_”Bringing Healing Home”

Bringing Healing Home
Luke 4:38-41
Life Notes
February 25, 2018

Ice Breaker: How did Billy Graham impact your life?

Read Luke 4:38-39

1. What impact do you think the healing of Peter’s mother-in-law had on him?

2. Share a story about a time when Jesus healed someone in your family and the impact it had on you.

3. What did you learn about healing from this simple story and the observations Pastor Peter made?

You can see
You can know
You can connect
You can command
You can touch
You can test healing
You can create a gateway for more healing

Read Luke 4:40

4. Why did the people have to wait until sundown to come to Jesus for healing?

Comment and discuss

5. Religion will keep you sick. What do you think keeps people from coming to Jesus as soon as possible for healing?

Read Matthew 8:16-17

6. What did Holy Spirit lead Matthew to conclude about healing and Jesus’ death on the cross?

Discuss the following sentence

As Jesus took our sin on Himself on the cross to forgive us, so also He took our disease on Himself on the cross to heal us.


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