Life Notes: February 4, 2018_”Use It or Lose It”

Use It or Lose It
Luke 19:11-27
February 4, 2018
Life Notes

Icebreaker: Would you rather receive a talent or a mina?

Read Luke 19:12-13

1. What did Holy Spirit say to you about staying engaged in the King’s business until He returns?

2. What did you learn about the difference between talents and minas?

3. Which of the two stories challenged you the most and why?

Read Luke 19:14

4. What is the difference between following Jesus as Savior and following Him as King?

Read Luke 19:21-22

5. How has your view of God changed over the years of knowing Him?

6. During the reflection moment in the message, what did the Lord ask you to double in your walk with Him in 2018?

7. Share a story about how giving generously to the Lord has blessed your life.


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