Life Notes: February 7, 2016_”What God is Really Like”

Life notes: What is God really like?

Icebreaker: Do you have a collection of something?What do you collect?

Why does it matter how we view God’s character?

How did the serpent in Genesis mar Gods character? What does he insinuate about Gods character?

How does God reveal his glory? What is his glory like?

How does this revelation of God in Christ make you feel? How does it change the way you see the father? How does it affect your relationship with the father?

Read Mark 4:35-41. If you ever thought God is responsible for natural disasters and other tragedies, how does this passage about Jesus change that view of God?

Do you feel like any part of God is unknowable?

Confess to each other any wrong perceptions of God that you have held. Have a time of prayer and invite God to show his truth in those areas for each person.


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