Life Notes: Jan 1, 2017_”Fanning the Flames of First Love”

Fanning the Flames of First Love
January 1. 2017
Ice Breaker: Discuss some of the most important things the Lord said to you 2016

1. What impact did Joseph Wanane’s prayer have on you?

2. How many languages did you hear Joseph use?

Read John 17:26

3. Discuss the sentence, “Father God loves me as much as He loves Jesus.”

4. Which of the three stories we heard on Sunday morning fascinated you the most?

5. Share an encounter you have had with the Lord that deepened your awareness of how much He loves you.

Read Ephesians 3:16-19

6. How do you plan to fall deeper in love with Jesus in 2017

Read I John 4:18

7. What is one important benefit of grasping how much God loves you?


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