Life Notes: Jan. 22, 2017_”The Temptation of Jesus”

Life Notes
January 22, 2017
The Temptation of Jesus

Icebreaker: Share about a dramatic lightning storm you experienced.

Read: Mark 1:10, Matthew 27:51

We learned that the word “torn” or “split” or “parted” is a violent word. It is more than a gentle breeze separating clouds; it was a violent tearing apart of opposition to the word and will of God.

1. The word “torn open” is used three times in these two verses. How does this change your understanding of what it means to live under an “open heaven”? There is no way for us to understand the strength of a word from the Lord unless it is opposed.

2. What insights did you gain from this principle that we learned on Sunday?

When you agree with a lie, you empower the liar.

3. Comment on this sentence in light of the message.

4. What lies has the Devil tricked you into believing? Talk about how you arrived at the truth.

All the devil wants you to do is question what God has said and who you are.

5. Comment on this sentence.

The Devil tried to get Jesus to question Father’s provision, plan and protection

6. Which of these has the Devil tried to trip you up on?

Read Luke 4:1 & 14

The Lord will never lead you into a battle you are not equipped to win.

7. What can be learned about our battles from these two verses and sentence?

8. Share about a promise you have been holding onto for a long time that the Holy Spirit breathed new life into on Sunday.


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