Life Notes: Jan. 29, 2017_”The Truth”

The Truth
John 8:32
January 29, 2017

Ice breaker: Try saying “Bwana asifiwe” it means Praise the Lord (drop the a in asefiwe)

Read John 8:32

1. When Joseph said “The presence of the truth cannot set you free,” what did he mean?.

2. According to Roman 16:20 where is Satan position? What does this mean to you?

3. Jesus is alive. Discuss this sentence, “Too many Christians have a dead Jesus, they are more focused on what the Devil can do than what Jesus can do.”

4. What impact did it have on you to hear Joseph speak about walking around his home at night on B Street in Norfolk and taking authority over his neighborhood?

5. What is the difference between knowing the truth and believing in the truth?

6. What impact did Joseph’s testimony about fasting have on you?


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