Life Notes: January 14, 2018_”Too Little, Too Late.”

Too Little, Too Late
Matthew 25:1-13
January 21, 2018
Life Notes

Ice Breaker: What is your favorite city to visit?

1. What did you learn or appreciate about the pictures of Jerusalem that were shown on Sunday?

Read Matthew 25:1-2

2. Share a story about an opportunity the Lord presented to you that you regretted not taking?

3. What missed opportunity are you hoping the Lord will give you another chance to do or experience?

4. Share a story about a spiritual opportunity that you might have been unsure about but turned out to be a wise decision.

5. How did you benefit from participating in this event?

Read Matthew 25:3-4

6. How did Pastor Peter define margin?

(Leaders please listen to the Live Stream and write down the definition, help members try to remember what I said by giving one or two keys words)

7. Share a story not involving money when you had enough margin to help someone with a need?

8 What would you do with the rest of today if you know Jesus was coming back by midnight?


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