Life Notes: January 24, 2016_”Ransomed”

Life notes:  Col 1: 9-14

Icebreaker: What did you enjoy about the snow coming this week? Did it force you to do something differently?

How can we tell that the world is under a domain of darkness? In what ways do we live in a domain of darkness?

How have you experienced the evidence of satan/darkness/demons in this world/in yourself?

Did these things hinder Jesus? Did he still have authority over all of it? Do we?

Do you have unsurpassable worth? Does your worst enemy?

Read Col1:13. Where did we resettle when we chose Christ? How do we live/treat others from this new place? How is it a place of freedom?

Do you sometimes get sucked into the fear/striving/confusion/starvation of the domain of darkness? What sucks you in? How can we remember that we don’t live that way anymore/that it does not have authority over us?

Pray together and rebuke anything that is hindering one another from living in the kingdom.



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