Life Notes: January 25, 2018_”Work With Whatcha Got”

Work with Whatcha Got
Matthew 25:14-30
Life Notes
January 28, 2018

Ice Breaker: Share about a time that you were in a talent content?

Read Matthew 25:14-15

1. What new discoveries did you make about what a talent is on Sunday?

Read Matthew 25:15

2. How was your thinking about the justice of God in only giving the last servant one talent change?

Read Matthew 25:16

3. What areas of your spiritual growth did Holy Spirit challenge to stop procrastinating and rise to the next level in your walk with Him?

Read Matthew 25:24

4. How do you imagine the last servant came to have a twisted view of God?

5. What has Holy Spirit untwisted in your view of Father?

6. Comment on the sentence, “The Parable of the talents shows that unequal gifts, if used with equal faithful, will be equally rewarded.”

Matthew 25:30

7. Who do you know personally who you think might be a risk to not make it to heaven?

Pray for that person by name, ask God to give you an opportunity share the Gospel with him or her.


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