Life Notes: January 7, 2018_”The Day Mary Lost Jesus”

Life Notes
The Day Mary Lost Jesus
Luke 2:40-52

Icebreaker: Share about a time when you could not find one of your children.

Read Luke 2:41

1. What kind of spiritual example did your parents set for you?

Read Luke 2:42

2. How did it change your understanding of this incident when you learned that this was the first time Jesus visited the temple since being dedicated by his parents?

Read Luke 2:46-47

3. What is your earliest recollection of experiencing a spiritual awakening?

Read Luke 2:48-49

4. How do you think Jesus felt on His first visit to His Heavenly Father’s house?

Read Luke 2:49 “I must be about my Father’s.”

5. How did learning that the words “business” or “house” are not found in the Greek manuscripts change your understanding of this verse?

Read Luke 2:51

6. What is currently occupying the moments you spend meditating or treasuring in your heart?

Read Luke 2:52

7. In which of the 4 areas that Jesus grew would you like to become stronger in 2018?Li


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