Life Notes: July 22, 2018_”Strategy 2.0″

Life Notes: Strategy 2.0

Pastor Jared said, “We need to see the world through God’s eyes…the world is so messed up we can look at it and want to retreat, but we should ask God to show us how He sees the world.” We need a spiritual lens of LOVE.

When you look at Galatians 5:22-23, do you see how the word “fruit” is singular? The fruit of the Spirit is love, but joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are attributes of love. We should see every person we come in contact with through the spiritual lenses of love. Love is the main trait all Christians should show. The Church should be a place of extreme love for everyone. Love should empower us for ministry and be our main strategy.

Through the lens of love, lets read Matthew 16:13-20.

The New Testament was written mostly in Koine (common) Greek. Within this passage of Scripture there is a contrast and a play on words where Jesus looked at Peter, whose name means ‘stone’ implying a, ‘small stone or pebble.’ But then Jesus said, “On THIS ROCK I will build My church.” Jesus was pointing to Himself when He was saying the Church will be built on Him (Jesus is the rock – 1 Corinthians 10:4).

The Christian Church is built on Jesus, not on man. If you travel overseas you will see many different models and programs of church and ministries. They are different cultural expressions that try to enhance the primary mission of the Church, which is the Great Commission(Matthew 28:18-20). Some churches are ‘underground’ due to persecution, while others meet in elaborate buildings reflecting the art, craftsmanship and history of the location. And others may meet under a tree such as in the heart of Africa. The Church adapts and reflects the times and local culture without compromising the gospel message.

Jesus was crucified between 30-34 AD, but the first persecution of Christians wasn’t until 36 AD. Before the followers of Jesus were persecuted, the Early Church hosted corporate gatherings at the Temple, not just in homes. Pastor Jared said, “The best way to do church is doing church in the way the culture will receive the message.” He also said, “The method changes, but the message remains the same.” What do you think about this? Does it challenge you? Does it excite you? Why or why not?

What trends or programs of ministry have you seen come and go over the years? How do you think the American Church will look in 10 years, 20 years, or more?

Even though methods change, the gospel message is timeless. When was the last time you lovingly shared the gospel with a friend or family member or invited them to church? Please share.


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