Life Notes: July 24, 2016_”The Second Great Awakening”

Life Notes
The Second Great Awakening
July 24, 2016

Ice Breaker: Tell about an exciting prayer meeting you have attended.

1. What impact did it have on you to hear about the spiritual decay in America at the end of the 18th century?

2. What thoughts ran through your mind when you learned that Christian students had to meet in secret and take notes in code for their protection at major universities in 18th century in America?

3. How did it feel to learn about the role that Harry Hosier played in the Second Awakening?

4. James Finlay’s description of the Second Awakening was so vivid. What did you find surprising about what he said?

5. What was your reaction to hearing about the Methodist “Fits” or “Jerks”?

6. How did it feel to learn that the dream to end slavery was birthed in spiritual revival?

Pray for revival in our time.


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