Life Notes: July 30, 2017_”Permanent Change”

Permanent Change
Acts 3:1-10
Minister Joseph Wanene
July 30, 2017

Ice Breaker: Tell about a change you experienced that turned out to be a hidden blessing.

1. Share about a time when you tried a temporary solution to a long term problem.

2. What insights did you gain from the message on finding permanent solutions to long term problems?

3. If you you are comfortable, share a long term problem for which you have been seeking a solution.

4. What is the problem with finding a comfortable place to to sit when you are facing a long term problem?

5. Discuss the sentence, “Jesus wants to deal with the source of your problem rather than your problem.”

6. Discuss the sentence,”Most of the time we blame others for our problem, but maybe the problem is you.”

7. Share about a time when a personal change brought about a permanent change to your circumstances.


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