Life Notes: July 1, 2018_”Supernatural Sunday”

Life Notes:

James Riley’s Message

1) Based on David’s greeting to Mephibosheth, Mephibosheth appeared fearful of David. That fear came from his not knowing what David’s intent for Mephibosheth was. How often do you struggle with what God’s heart toward you is? What helps alleviate that problem?

2) Mephibosheth is described as eating at David’s table like one of David’s own sons. He confidently enjoyed the blessing his relationship with David provided to him. Do you walk confidently in the blessings that your relationship with God provides? If not, why not?

3) Describing himself as a “dead dog” and “worthy of death”, Mephibosheth knew that he’d received a blessing that he didn’t deserve. Have you ever been blessed only to deceive yourself into thinking that you were owed or due it?

4) Mephibosheth clearly was wronged by Ziba when he tricked David into giving him the land, yet Mephibosheth seemed to not hold any grudge (he neither demanded back the land nor retribution for the deception) for the stolen blessing. Do you have any “Zibas” in your life that you need to forgive and release?

5) David is described as desiring to “show God’s kindness”. Have you ever had the opportunity to show God’s kindness through your generosity? Did you take it?

6) Mephibosheth’s appearance when he went to David the second time was dis-shoveled with un-groomed face and dirty cloths. It showed how he was earnestly distressed on David’s behalf. When is the last time you were distressed by something dear to God’s heart?


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