Life Notes: July 9, 2017_”The Cross Jesus Carried”

Ice Breaker: What travel plans do you have this summer?

1. What feelings did you have thinking about visiting the Banias Nature Reserve Waterfall with Jesus?

2. What connection did you make between hearing three messages on God loving you with all of His heart and Jesus’ invitation to pick up his cross and follow him?

Read 8:34-35 Follow Me

3. What does it mean to you to,”Take up His cross and and follow Jesus?”

4. What impact did it have on you to discover that Jesus clearly announced three times that he would be crucified and then raise again from the dead.

Read Mark 8:32-33

5. Tell about a time when you acted like Peter did in this verse.

Read Philippians 2:4 & 2:21

6. Share about a time when you put the interests of God above your own.

Read Mark 8:36-37 Trust Me

7. What does is mean to you to trust Jesus?

Read Mark 8:38 Honor Me

8. Share about a time when the gospel flowed through you so powerfully that it broke off shame to be a followers of Jesus.


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