Life Notes: June 18, 2017_”It Takes God to Love God”

Father’s Day 2017
Matthew 22:37
Life Notes
Icebreaker: Share a funny Father’s Day card or humorous moment.

1. Discuss: “The greatest challenge any man will face is bringing children into this world.”

Read 2 Corinthians 6:18

2. How has your ability to relate to God as Father changed over the past several years?

Read Matthew 22:37

3. What new ideas about this verse did you gain from Sunday’s message?

4. What was your reaction to the thought that God loves you with all of His heart, all of His mind and all of His strength?

5. Over the last year Pastor Peter’s grandfather name switched from “Poopa” to “Popo!” How do you suppose that has impacted his heart?

6. How comfortable are you calling God “Papa”?

7. How do you suppose this switch will change your relationship with Father?

Read John 17:27

8. Discuss the idea that Father loves you as much as He loves Jesus.



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