Life Notes: June 4, 2017_”Pentecost Sunday”

Life Notes
Pentecost Sunday 2017
Acts 2:38

Ice Breaker: Tell about an experience you had that made no sense at the time but later on it did.

Discuss the R.A. Torrey’s statement

Holy Spirit came into the world to be to the disciples of our Lord after His departure, and to us, what Jesus Christ had been to them during the days of His personal companionship with them.

Read Luke 11:13

Why do you think Father wants us to ask Him to give us Holy Spirit to us?

How often do you ask Father to give you more of Holy Spirit?

Read John 7:37-39

What change has there been in the flow of the river of Holy Spirit in your life in the last several years?

Read John 16:7

What experiences have helped you realize that there are advantages to living in our time rather than during the days of Jesus time on the earth.

Read Acts 2:38-39

After hearing teaching on these verses what conclusions have you come about the possibility that all Christianse can have a private pray language?

Read Ephesians 4:30

What steps can we take to not grieve Holy Spirit?


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