Life Notes: March 20, 2016_”You’re IN”

Icebreaker: What is your favorite fast food restaurant?

Read Mark 11:1-10

It what ways was the Triumphal Entry amazing?

Why do you think the crowds gathered around Jesus as he headed toward Jerusalem?

Why do you think the same crowds were not around him when he was at the cross?

Read Colossians 1:27

How is being in Christ our hope of glory?

In what ways is the God a big squishy hug? Why do people hug?
Why is it common to think God is untouchable? How does God show in his person that he is not an untouchable God?

Anything that divides us from him is not from him…he wants to embrace us! What concepts/ideas about God have you had that made you feel divided from him?

How did Jesus show us what the people of the Old Testament didn’t know about God? Why did he have to come here physically to do it?

Why is a long distance relationship so hard on people who love each other?

Why is real love about more than what someone can do for you? What suffering have you done for love without even thinking about it?


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