Life Notes: March 27, 2016_”Getting out of Hell is Lame”

Life notes: Getting out of hell is Lame

Icebreaker: If you had a time machine what time would you visit and why?

1. Why is there very little difference between the way Christians in America live and others according to statistical data?

2. Read James 2:14-26. Give an example of a situation where what you said and what you did didn’t add up. What happened?

3. Read Matthew 25:41-46. Why does God care about what we do? What is the connection between being a believer and what we do? What is the connection between how Christ used his physical body while he was on earth, and how he uses his physical body (us) here now?

4. Read James 2:26. What happens to faith when we take away works?

5. Why do we need experiences to have a full relationship? Why is the one day you say “I do” not enough to last forever in itself?

6. Read Matthew 10:8. What do we miss out on if we only focus on “fire insurance”? What things do you feel passionate about doing that you feel Christ has put in your heart? Pray individually and together about joining a vision (from our vision board) or suggesting a new one that is on your heart.


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