Life Notes: March 5, 2017_”Heaven on Earth”

Life Notes
Heaven on Earth
March 5, 2017

Icebreaker: Share a personal spiritual experience that felt like heaven on earth to you.

1. What stood out to you in the summary of the messages on The Life Jesus Modeled?

2. What did you think of the statement, “At some point we need to believe in our own conversion”?

3. What does the phrase, “The Kingdom of God,” mean to you?

Read & Memorize Matthew 6:10

4. What new ideas did you gain from the phrase, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven”?

Read 1 Peter 4:17

5. Why do we want to be like Abraham and beg God to delay judgment on anyone?

6. Discuss the sentence, “If we’re not ready to stand in judgment before God today, we ought not to be asking God to judge anyone else.”

7. Aimee McPherson said, “I preach the great I Am, not the great I Was.” How did this statement impact your thinking?

Read John 20:21

8. Discuss the sentence, “Our destination is heaven; our assignment is to bring heaven on earth.”


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