Life Notes: May 14, 2017_”Weaned and Hopeful”

Weaned and Hopeful
Psalm 131
Life Notes

Icebreaker: Share a precious mom memory.

Read Psalm 131:1

1. Share about a problem that was way too complicated for you to solve, but the Lord solved it faster and more easily than you could imagine.

Read Psalm 131:2

2. What do you do when you feel anxiety building in your heart?

3. What new ideas did you gain about the difference between the milk and the meat of the Word from Sunday’s message?

Read 1 Corinthians 3:1-2

4. Why did Paul say the Corinthians were not ready for solid food (meat)?

Read Hebrew 5:14

5. What does the writer to Hebrews indicate as the primary evidence of moving from milk to meat (solid food)?

Read Psalm 131:3

6. Share about a time when God turned what felt like a hopeless situation around for you.


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