Life Notes: May 28, 2018_”The Power of the Holy Spirit”

The Power Of Holy Spirit
Sam Kumar
May 27, 2018

(Watch David’s testimony & Pastor Sam’s message on our Facebook)

Ice Breaker: What did you learn about the importance of words of knowledge from David Soars Testimony on Sunday.

1. What touched your heart as you listened to Sam’s testimony about how the Lord has use his family for the Kingdom of God.

2. How did it feel to you to have people from so many different countries attending Ingleside on Sunday?

3. In 1956 Sam’s Hindu father received Jesus as his Savior. 1958 Sam’s father was filled with the Holy Spirit. In 1970 Sam’s father dedicated his 5 sons to 5 continents of the world. How does this testimony impact you?

4. What impact did Sam’s vision for taking the gospel to the world have on you?

5. What new ideas did you gain about how Holy Spirit stretches us into new ministry from Pastor Sam’s illustration.

6. What part of Dr. Serosh’s testimony ministering in Pakistan touched you the most?


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