Life Notes: May 6, 2018_”Activating Our 5 Spiritual Senses”

Activating our Five Spiritual Senses
Acts 2:1-4
May 6,2018

Ice Breaker: What did you enjoy about worshiping with Destiny Church on Sunday?

Read Acts 2:1-4

1. What did you find interesting about the idea that our five senses are more than natural, they are spiritual as well.

Activating our Spiritual Senses

(Give everyone a piece of paper and pen. Ask each person to write what they experience or see after each of the following questions)

A. Sound – Ears

Ask God to release a sound. What do you hear?

B. Sight – Eyes

Ask God to give you a picture. What do you see?

C. Taste – Mouth

Ask God to put a taste in your mouth. What are you tasting?

D. Touch – Hands

Ask God to touch you. What do you feel?

E. Smell – Nose

Ask God to release an aroma around you. What do you smell?

Give everyone an opportunity to share what they experience. Some might not experience something on every question.


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