Life Notes: May 7, 2017_”Digging New Wells”

Digging New Wells
Pastor Jerry Cates
May 7, 2017
Life Notes

Ice breaker: Tell about a time you were so thirsty you thought you would die.

1. What part of Sunday’s worship experience touched your heart the most?

2. What impact did Pastor Jerry’s personal testimony have on you?

Tenacious: (Define the word)

3. What have you been most tenacious about in your recent walk with the Lord?

Well of Revival:

4. What is a well of revival?

5. What steps are you taking to become a well of revival that others can drink from?

Read Genesis 26:18-19

6. What spiritual wells in your life need to be re-dug?

7. What spiritual wells do you see the Lord reopening at Ingleside?

Prophetic word from Kim Facenda for Ingleside

Ingleside is like a hidden well that only hungry folks have found. I feel it is about to turn around and fill up and make a major impact in this area. There is well of freedom in the Spirit… like a smooth stone… where the sharp edges are worn down by the river of God. It even smells like water there to me

Prophetic word from Pastor Jerry

If you received a prophetic word from Pastor Jerry, share what you can with your life group.


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