Life Notes: November 13, 2017_”Walking on Water”

Walking on Water
John 6:16-21
Life Notes
November 13, 2017

Ice Breaker: Share about falling into water or walking on ice that started to crack

Read Matthew 14:22

1. Why do you think Jesus sometimes sends us into a storm?

Read Matthew 14:23

2. Discuss the sentence, “We never go into a storm without Jesus praying for us before the storm arrives.”

Read Mark 6:48a

3. Share an issues that you are currently facing that seems to have stopped making progress.

Read Job 9:11 &Mark 6:48 “He meant to pass by them…”

4. What is the most important thing to do in a storm?

Read Matthew 14:28-29

5. What are you asking Jesus to command you to do?

6. Discuss the sentence, There are some experiences in life that, no matter how well or how poorly we do, changes us forever.

7. What are you currently attempting to do for God that is impossible to do in your own strength or resources.


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