Life Notes: November 26, 2017_”Raising Lazarus”

Raising Lazarus
John 11:1-54
November 26, 2017

Ice Breaker: What is your favorite Thanksgiving desert?

1. Why do you think there are 11 resurrection or extension of life stories in the Bible?

2. Which of the eleven resurrection stories to you find fascinating?

Read John 10:10, Acts 26:8

3. What new thought to did gain from hearing Pastor Peter preach on the resurrection of Lazarus?

Read John 11:37

4. What do you like about the question some people were asking about Jesus?

5. Which of the stories that Pastor Peter share on people being raised from the dead helped you the most.

6. Share a few thoughts on which of the 7 sign miracles touched you the most.

7. Which of the sign miracles would you most like to do?


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