Life Notes: Oct 1, 2017_”Supernatural Harvest”

Supernatural Harvesting
Matthew 9:25-28 / John 4:34-28
Life Notes
October 1, 2017

Ice Breaker: What did you particularly enjoy about our church anniversary?

1. What did you find interesting in the comments that were made about the difference in mentality between the sower and the reaper?

2. What was your reaction to discovering that the vote on those preferring to sowing verse those preferring to reap on Sunday morning was 16 to 3?

Read John 4:35

3. Why do you think it is difficult to most believers to see themselves as sowers rather than reapers.

4. Comment on the statement: “The anointing we carry causes unbelievers to be immediately ready to respond to the gospel.”

5. How has the level of anointing you carry changed over the last year?

6. What steps might you recommend to people who want to carry more anointing?


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