Life Notes: October 15, 2017_”Water Into Wine”

Water to Wine
John 2:1-11
October 15, 2017
Life Notes

Icebreaker: What new ideas did you gain from Sunday’s message about why Jesus turned water into wine?

1. Comment on the statement, “The greatest deficiency in the church today is the absence of Joy.”

Read John 2:3

2. What connection did you make between obedience and joy?

3. Comment on the statement, “God would rather we let out a fake laugh than have a sincere depression.”

John 2:6

4. What was your reaction to Pastor Peter squeezing a bottle of water and spilling its contents onto the front pew?

5. What religious ceremony in your life did Holy Spirit challenge as you listened to the message?

John 2:8

6. What impact did it have on you to discover that the water turned to wine somewhere between when it was drawn from the water pot and when it was delivered to the master of ceremonies?

7. Comment on the sentence, “Our job is to pray words of healing; after these words leave our mouth, it is up to the Holy Spirit to touch those words and heal the person we are praying for.”


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