Life Notes: October, 30, 2016_”Adversity is Opportunity”

Adversity Is Opportunity in Disguise
Philippians 1:6-20
Life Notes – November 1-6, 2016

Icebreaker – What touched you the most about Nick Vukicic’s story?

Read: Philippians 1:6

1. Tell about a time when God helped you finish a task you thought was impossible to finish?

2. What lessons might you have learned from your experience?

Read: Philippians 1:12

3. Share about a time when a difficult experience caused you to meet someone who you most likely would never have met in your normal circumstances?

4. How did God use this experience to build His Kingdom?

Read: Philippians 1:19

5. Tell about a time when you were confused about something going on in your life, but later you were clearly able to see that God was at work turning a difficult situation into something beautiful.

Read Philippians 4:13

6. How has your understanding of this verse grown or changed over the years?

7. What feelings arise in your heart when you hear or read the following sentence…

My steps are a dance across the stage of life choreographed by the Holy Spirit.


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