Life Notes: Sept. 25,2016_”Mission to Kenya”

Life Notes:

Ice breaker: What thoughts passed through your mind when you saw that last picture of Pastor Peter & Pastor Jerry together?
1. Talk about one of the stories that Pastor Peter shared that touched your heart.

2. Share about a time while they were overseas that you felt impressed by the Lord to pray for them.

Read Jeremiah 1:5 (This verse reflects God’s plans for everyone, not just for Jeremiah.)

3. What does this verse say to you about your destiny in life?

Read Acts 16:9

4. Share about a time you felt compelled by the Lord to help a stranger.

5. Share about a dream you had about someone you eventually met. What did the Lord do?

Prayer: Ask the Lord to give you revelation on His plans and purposes for your life. Ask the Lord to show you the face of a person in a dream with whom you will eventually share your faith in Christ.


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