Life Notes: Sept. 4, 2014_”The Lion, the Witch and Us.”

Life Notes
The Lion, the Witch, and Us
Icebreaker: What’s the wierdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

How does it feel to know Jesus canceled your debt? How does it feel to hear that even more than that He destroyed the entire system of debt? Does it feel good/bad to know that Jesus made a laughing stock of your oppressor? Why?
Did you ever feel like God was judgemental and angry, and that Jesus saved you from God? How does that make you feel about believing God is good? How does it make you feel about getting close to him?
In the movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe how do you react when you see Aslan sacrifice himself to get Edmond back? How does it make you feel once he dies? How does his death make you feel about Edmond? How do you react when Aslan returns? Does his return make you feel/see differently about Edmond?
Do you feel like God looks at your sins in a legal way? Do you feel like God wants to punish you when you do wrong? What does it feel like to be dealt with in love rather than legality? How does it feel to get the opposite of what you deserve?
How does it feel to see the symbol of law and punishment (the stone table) broken by Aslan? How would it feel like to live day by day if Jesus had only canceled our past debt and hadn’t broken the whole system of the law?


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